TreeTalk: New Solution in Telecommunications

TreeTalk is a startup, in which hardware, software and telecommunications become fused. In a nutshell - we are building a new global Telecommunications ecosystem that works under the paradigm of constant connection and instant voice calls. First underlying idea that we follow, developing our system, is that of people, from the ancient times, always need the means of communications that work in the instant-call paradigm (instead of session-mode paradigm used in telephones and numerous messengers). We are going to revolutionize the industry of two-way radios and other analog real-time audio devices, just like an iPod in its time has revolutionized the industry of music players:  we are digitizing the technology and moving it into the cloud via the Internet.

We are proud to present our new products, demonstrating the advantages of our approach.

This is The Terminal One: device for real-time voice group communications. As a matter of fact, this is a new class of mobile devices, which we create in order to replace outdated Land Mobile Radio transceivers.

Usually, those, who seek a real-time voice connection, mostly use analog conventional and trunked radio, which have a number of flaws, such as a limited range of communication, a need for power amplifiers and bulky antennas, an unstable signal quality, and so on.
Why have people been buying these pricey radios for 100 years? Because of 3 simple advantages.
It allows you to broadcast.
It provides an instant connection.
It's easy to use. Push one button and talk.

Our product inherits advantages of LMR/PMR, avoiding their flaws. We have made sophisticated embedded software to digitize and compress speech and to transmit it through existing wireless data networks without loss.
So our all-purpose system has more features, but is many times simpler and cheaper for users. It saves the time, and eliminates extra expenses.

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TreeTalk Intercom

TreeTalk Intercom is another example of digital device that works on the TreeTalk universal platform. It instantly transmits and receives voice information in the groups with possible topology of the "star" type, with the dispatcher's computer in the center.

TreeTalk Intercom does not require the laying of cable communication lines, does not need a hardware control desk, switches or commutators. It provides a digital speech quality and has additional useful features.

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